Those who have already been there will tell you that you feel different when you come back from long travels abroad. Jean-Marie Poirier is one of those and proposes 4 conferences that he presents in the four corners of the hexagon.

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Discovering new countries !

A global look at the conferences

Eyes wide open and a wish to take advantage of unexpected opportunities, our preconceived ideas are shaken. Not to mention our sense of observation which develops, but also our adaptability and a significant ability to solve problems…
Returning from long training or travels abroad, it was in 1991 that the first conference was held with the aim of discovering new countries and sharing experiences. 4 conferences are planned : Austalia, New Zealand, Ireland and Bali. Each is presented as if it is a report on the country taking into consideration the social and economical aspect, the ethnical, rural and cultural aspect and an invitation to travel without it being a narrative account of a voyage.
It is an audiovisual projection which adapts easily to any location and is easy to move from place to place.
That’s why many projections take place in rural villages and can be viewed by a new public. A short documentary display follows the projection.
These conferences have been presented more than 500 times and to a diverse public (agricultural schools, cultural centres , commitees or associations , grammar schools ). For the last ten years, they have been shown to more than 1800 youngsters from all over France during intensive english courses. The main project of these youngsters was to go to the Antipodes, North America or Europe for long training (7 or 8 months) and work on farms with various systems of production (winegrowing, crops, dairy , horticulture, environment, stud farm...)
Other projections are planned for next year but also a new conference on South Africa.
Anyone can program a conference in the village, in the college or in a school in order to share experiences for a short while and forgets our usual surroundings. This is the essence of travelling and of encounters..