Thanks to a solid experience in farming, we can provide excellent placements with partners for whom it is imperative that a real welcome is given to trainees.

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Our mission is to propose placements on agricultural works and training periods abroad and give a different perspective of travelling as well as a unique experience in life. Working with different partners throughout the world, our aim is to correspond to every trainee’s wish according to the type of placement (country, production, production methods…).

It is an undeniable opening and an opportunity to develop adaptability , to realize not only the differences but also the common ways of living of people abroad. It is important that everyone can feel the influence of the natural environment , the social and cultural environment, the local situation and the existence of various production methods. That’s why it is essential to offer a large range of possibilities for travelling to trainees.

You can even do a training period on french farms on various farming systems (dairy farming, beef farming, cheesemaking, horses, horticulture, cereal production, pig production, vegetable growing, fruit growing, viticulture...). In France, It could either in conventional agriculture or organic farming. Sustainable agriculture could be famous on some regions too.

A family atmosphere

With the support of former trainees who have been abroad ,

Odyssée-Agri (Agri-Odyssey) is unique in France and its main preoccupation is to show its independence which is extremely important. The purpose of our mission is to share the experience of people who have lived abroad, who are fond of travelling and indeed want to communicate their interest in training and travelling. And the best way to do that is to listen to each other!

Our various savoirs-faire enable us today to propose :

 placements for trainees abroad : long or short stays but still with a significant amount of travelling
 intensive english courses on agricultural techniques
 conferences (with audiovisual supports)on different destinations.
 Training period or working experience on french farms. Please contact Odyssée Agri to get the right placement.